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During pregnancy, time of change and transformation, the midwife becomes an important partner.

As a midwife I would like to accompany women and couples in their quest to gain confidence and trust in their instinct concerning the birthing-process.

In addition to the routine clinical check ups/examinations (blood pressure, weight, control of urine, blood,..) carried out by midwifes I offer further support in monitoringthe growth of the unborn baby (messure the uterus and the baby, the position of the baby, the fetal heart beats..) with my hands, a tape measure and a wooden stetoscope.

My service provides ample time for issues such as:

  • questions about your lifestyle (travelling, sports, partnership,…)
  • advice on different pregnancy-problems (sickness, Ischias problems, fear, backpain..)
  • counteracting and treating of pregnancy-problems (bleeding, early contraction, breech…)

Choosing this service helps take care of problems before they arise. Should serious problems occur then a doctor or gynocologist is at hand.

This cost of midwifery (advice on the telephone, visits at home for “Schwangerenvorsorge” or for help during pregnancy-problems is carried by the health-insurance.