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post natal care

The post natal time is a time of change/transformation and reorientation.A relationship to the newborn is beginning.Time for relaxation/recovery is important and a new and different routine begins.

During this time there are moments where you are completely fascinated/overwhelmed by the baby and other moments where you are exhausted and everything is too much.

As your midwive I support you during this periode of change and reorientation with patience and experience. I control the changes which come from the birth and support you with ideas and advice.

Post natal exercise offered after birth can be supported for example with massages.

I support mothers who wish to breast-feed.

I offer the time needed to talk about your birthexperience, vaccination, nutrition, contraception, psysical and psychological changes.

I monitor the newborn navel, weight, drinking behaviour und the skin colour. If needed I can help with and teach babycare techniques and give advice when the baby has flatulence or sleeping-problems.

For children that leave the hospital directly after birthday I undertake the bloodcheck to make sure that there is no metabolic disorder or disease.

After the birth I make daily visits for the first 10 days and if nessesary longer until the child is 12 weeks old.

If there are problems with breastfeeding I can help until the baby is weaned (9 month).

The cost of this care is carried by the health insurance.

This support can also be taken by parents who lost their child by a stillbirth or by the birth of their death child.